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MAIORANO is a brand of luxury shoes founded in Rome.

The purpose and the philosophy behind it aim to create shoes of diverse and enduring beauty, united by a strong minimalist and artistic appeal.

This last aspect is the leitmotiv that defines the whole creative and designing approach, pushed forward by the work of Matteo Maiorano (Rome, 1991), founder of the brand, which as son of two artists, cherishes and develops the concept of art applied to everyday objects, making in such way, unique, unrepeatable and precious items.

A concept applied therefore to all the collections proposed by the brand, following in parallel the designer’s intrinsic artistic research, developing and evolving season after season with a renewed but identifiable language.

MAIORANO is strongly connected to the artisanal excellence of Italian heritage.
All products follow a rigorous three steps process, which starts with the design part in the Roman studio and then passes through the hands of expert Italian artisans and then back to the designer. In the factory the models are matched with the finest leather and then accurately crafted to guarantee quality, comfort and durability. In the last stage, the designer put his mark on the shoes, through different techniques coming from his artistic background and aimed to make every piece unique.

The artistic interventions are rigorously made and treated to last with specific products. The shoes are nonetheless delicate, precious objects which must be used and kept with care, just like other luxury items.

Intense design process, absolute attention to details and intention to create unicity are the characteristics that make these shoes strongly identifiable and surprisingly versatile. Made for modern people of various ages, attached to their own self-expression and individuality, constantly seeking for uniqueness and elegance, in every aspect of life.  

MAIORANO has been awarded in 2019, with the Pitti Prize at the prestigious “Who Is On Next?” contest organized by Vogue and Altaroma.

The brand has been called to participate as guest and exhibitor to several events as the “Vogue Talents 10th Anniversary” in 2019, alongside Jacquemus, J W Anderson and Aquazzura, and subsequently to the International footwear fair of Micam Milano.

MAIORANO shoes are sold worldwide in different selected stores in Europa, Asia and America.            


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